Social Studies of Computing

Multidisciplinary Research Group at McGill University

Courses on the Social Studies of Computing

Winter 2019

EDEC 646 / EDEC 647 / COMP 766: Sociocultural and Epistemic Understandings of Science / Mathematics / Computer Science

This course presents historical, philosophical and sociocultural perspectives on construction of knowledge in {the natural sciences, mathematics, computer science}. A particular emphasis will be placed on how social, cultural, and political forces shape the products of scientific practices, the importance of {scientific, mathematical, computational} literacy, and the relevance this bears for {science, math, computing} education and {science, math, computing} education research.

Fall 2018

EDEC 575 / COMP 598: The Teaching of Computer Science

Principles of teaching computer science and computational thinking. This course provides an overview of the computer science education research literature. Topics include how diverse learners learn computing concepts, inclusive pedagogy, and the social context of computing education. Multiple audiences of learners will be considered (primary, secondary, tertiary, informal). The course will focus on how computing topics are taught at an introductory-level; such topics may include programming, computational thinking, robotics, algorithms, data structures, logic, networking, and security.